Trad Jazz & Dixieland - Tenor Banjo & Plectrum Banjo


Includes piano score (with chord symbols), guitar and tenor banjo chord

Here's how BackUp Trax works: You play along with the tape, read the
music and learn melodies and etudes to 16 of the most popular tunes in
the traditional jazz and Dixieland repertoire. Then practice
improvising and soloing!

First you'll hear the tune's melody with just guitar backup, at a speed
slow enough for beginners. Next you'll hear the melody once again,
this time with the whole band, at regular speed. After that, the band
plays several choruses of the tune and you supply the melody or
solo. You can repeat a song at either speed, as many times as you wish,
perfecting phrases, melodies, and solos in a band context.

Beginners can practice basic skills, while more advanced players can
hone their improvisation chops, both at their own individual learning


These are to 16 pieces carefully chosen to represent a variety of tunes
and keys encountered in the trad repertoire. You'll hear them all in
their classic format: a hot rhythm section with Piano, Guitar/Banjo,
Drums, Tuba/Bass, plus Cornet leads. They're sure to inspire you to
play your best.

The set includes many of the "must know" standards beginners will want
to learn like St. James Infirmary, Just A Closer Walk With Thee, Bill
Bailey, When The Saints Go Marching In, and more - tunes that you'll
hear wherever traditional jazz is played.

Those of you who are advanced players will be challenged by the more
intricate chord progressions and new etudes like Hoosier Stomp, Royal
Rhythm, and Three Hits and a Miss, which are based on popular standards
from the era.

By learning to play melodies and solo over changes in this generic
form, you'll give yourself a great head-start toward becoming a jazz

BackUp Trax for Traditional Jazz & Dixieland

Tune List:

  • When The Saints Come Marching In
  • Down By The Riverside
  • St. James Infirmary
  • Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor
  • Just a Closer Walk With Thee
  • St. Louis Blues
  • Frankie & Johnny
  • Bill Bailey
  • Ballin' The Jack
  • Three Hits and a Miss
  • Kent's Blues
  • Jeff & Steve Special
  • Hoosier Stomp
  • The Minor Blues
  • Royal Rhythm
  • Here We Go

Split-track has all tunes at slow and regular speeds with melodies, and
allows you to hear just rhythm, just lead or both.

The pieces for this book were carefully chosen to represent a variety
of keys and types of tunes encountered in the swing and jazz
repertoire. You'll play fast and slow blues, minor blues, "rhythm
changes" tunes, ballads, cycles of fifths, "ii-V-I" tunes and more.
These same progressions recur again and again in pop, swing, and
jazz. By learning to play melodies and solo over them in this
generic form, you will give yourself a great head start toward
becoming a swing & jazz player. You can also use these melodies as
solos on similar standard tunes.
Dix Bruce

  • Paperback
  • 8 3/4 x 11 3/4
  • 40 pages
  • Discography
  • CD included

Trad Jazz-Sample 1

Listen to "Kent's Blues" Tracks
sound.gif Rehearsal  [925 KB]          sound.gif Full Band [1629KB]

        KENT'S BLUES is a sixteen-bar blues with a four-bar break at the beginning.  Many tunes in the trad repertoire require players to go it alone, to play a break without accompaniment. As a solist it can be tricky to keep the time straight when the rhythm section suddenly drops out. Here's your chance to practice breaks and also work out on a different form of the blues.

Trad Jazz-Sample 2

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